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Original productions include songs written and composed by me, but also songs co-written by me as well as productions of songs that were written by other artists. All of these productions are recorded, mixed, and mastered at The Mysteries Studio. Both fully instrumental songs are produced as well as songs in collaboration with vocal artists, so far comprising of Tamra Hayden (USA), Maaike Mae (Netherlands), Nadine Vaessen (Belgium) and Josefin Boström (Sweden).


My cover productions are always somewhat of a twist of the original. I re-imagine the arrangement and complement this with the voices of collaborators from all over the world. I cover a range of styles, from mainstream pop (old and new hits) to showtunes and game music. So far, additional collaborators in this category have been Heather Barber (Australia), Nienke Jansz (Netherlands), Gaelle (France), Alisa (Russia), Manodj Mathoera (Netherlands), Germaine Verderosa (Netherlands), Maria (Laos), Jekkize (USA), Peter Francks (Netherlands), Nic Honey (Germany), Laura Taylor (UK), Geanie (USA), and Kellie Woods (UK).


Live Sessions are a special type of recording done at The Mysteries Studio where everything is recorded in a single take, true to the artistic form of music making. Mostly this is done for covers, stripping songs down to their bare bones.